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Lawn Care Tips: Achieve a Healthy Lawn this 2017 Mowing your lawn correctly will make it drought resistance, thick enough to crowd out weeds and healthy overall. It is important to time mowings so you will not remove more than one-third of its total leaf surface with each cutting. Avoid scalping or cutting the grass too short. Sculped lawn weakens your lawn, causing soil exposure, allowing weed seed to take root, making it vulnerable to weed infestation and diseases. Sculped lawn is more susceptible to serious damage caused by drought or high temperatures, because of poorly developed root system. Sharpen your mower blade to prevent dull blade that causes grass tears, uneven and jagged edges, thus creating openings for pests and diseases that enter grass blades, as well as develop brownish or whitish hue as the tips of grass blades turns black. Throughout the growing season, it’s important to do some adjustments of mower height, through shifting the cutting deck higher during summer season, and allowing grass to grow longer. You can prevent weed growth and slow water evaporation from the soil by having taller grass to shade the soil. Taller grass have deeper roots allowing them to withstand drought better. Have a higher mowing height for lawns that grow in shady areas. It is highly recommended to mow when the grass is dry, because wet grass clogs and fills the mower deck, and tends to fall over, clumping together, thereby creating an uneven cut. It is important to treat the underside of your mower using oil or silicone spray to prevent the grass from sticking if you need to mow a damp lawn, because a soggy soil increases risk for creating wheel ruts that tear up grass. Grass plants lose water more when mowed during the heat of the day causing slower recovery as compared to mowing in cooler part of the day. For flat edging along your lawn beside walks, driveways and planting areas, roll a wheel of the mower on flat edging so you’ll never have to trim edges. To create your edging, you may use any number and any type of material such as gravel, bricks, concrete pavers or crushed limestone. Grasscycling is letting the grass clippings lie on your lawn after they are cut, saving your time and effort because it eliminates the process of bagging clippings, and this can serve as a fertilizer, so it is important to use a mulching blade to cut grass into smaller and finer pieces. In order to prevent being sprayed with grass clippings while mowing, you can buy an adaptor kit for your mower supplying the plug to fill the hole where clippings normally exit the mower deck. Avoid same pattern and direction each time you mow your lawn, because it compacts the soil, that creates ruts, making grass less healthy and thriving of weeds.Businesses – My Most Valuable Tips

Businesses – My Most Valuable Tips