I Am Really on a Hot Streak

It has been a whirlwind for me lately, although it is really just the end result of a lot of a work at a hobby. Of course gambling is a really risky thing by definition, gambling means taking a lot of chances. At any rate I have been using a system of sorts to make wagers on betting web sites. At any rate I figure out which games I want to bet upon, usually around five to ten games. The idea is that I want to limit the possibility that I will completely bomb out. In large measure I have pretty much lucked out on a lot of the games I have won. At any rate the last two weeks I have gotten all of the bets right except for one and I came very close to winning that. It was pure luck, but I had been winning a good deal of money over the past few weeks. I had been letting everything ride, so I made about eight hundred dollars total.

That was nice, but I have things that I need to use the money on. So I took out five hundred dollars and used it to pay down the debts that I have. I figure that I shall bet on around a dozen games this week. Of course I bet less on the ones that I do not feel great about, but I bet more if I really feel like I am going to win the wager. At any rate I am caught up on all of my bills and I figure that I shall take Linda out for dinner at some nice place. I am thinking that I shall be quite happy if I just break even this week, but it would be better if I could stay hot.