Signs of Poor Nutrition in Dogs

Whatever breed of dog is part of the family, there are visible signs of poor nutrition that apply to all dogs. The coat and skin are typically the first place signs appear. The coat will appear dull and the skin may be red, dry or flaky, and have a foul odor. It is important to note that some of these signs can also be signs of other conditions so it is wise to bring the dog to a veterinarian (vet) for a professional diagnosis. Weight gain is another sign of poor nutrition. It indicates the diet contains an excessive amount of fats or artificial ingredients. Halitosis (bad breath) is also a sign. Contrary to popular belief, bad breath is not normal for dogs. Wet stools and a dry nose can also point to poor nutrition.

Switching the brand or type of dog food can help the situation. Consider purchasing a higher quality of dog food, or changing the formula provided. There are many manufacturers that offer food for puppies, older dogs, and those with sensitive digestive systems. Trying one of those may alleviate the signs. If the dog has had a steady diet of dry food, introduce some canned food as well to see if that boosts nutrition. The dog may also benefit from pet supplements. Many brands exist so selecting the right one can get confusing. Reading the labels is a start. The ones found on large chain department and pet store shelves are likely to have artificial ingredients and preservatives. Some of the same ingredients found in the dog food that is not providing enough nutrition are present in supplements.

High-quality supplements will have all-natural ingredients and be recommended by vets and breeders. They are offered at offices and pet clinics, as well as online directly from manufacturers. Purchasing products online will save money and time for pet owners. Once the vet has been consulted, dog owners can order wafers or powder form of supplements for cats and dogs that will support a healthy coat, skin, and immune system functions. Two separate formulas can be ordered in twelve, six, or three month quantities for convenience. An automatic shipment program can save even more money due to a pricing discount. Customers can read more details found online, such as return policies, shipping options, and how the products were developed.